Australia Wide Including Tasmania Motorcycle Specialist get yourself covered today! 

Riders choose your plan today – Assist 24/7 365 days we are never closed for your total peace of mind were just a phone call away! with no joining or membership free!

Roadside Assist: Will aid you in situations where your motorcycle is immobilized for any reasons such as a flat battery, flat tyre, running out of petrol or mechanical problems, its emergency roadside assist when you need it most.

Motorcycle Accidents & Recovery Assist 24/7 365 Days: Have peace of mind knowing we can assist you in organising accident related recovery even if your not a member, for more information refer to any of our terms and conditions.

Motorcycle Transportation: Need you motorcycle transported to the repairers or to another location? we can manage and facilitate the logistics for individuals or company’s includes feet and manufactures, this service is supported by our national service teams around Australia, and you don’t need to be a member you can book ahead to suit your requirement’s.

Instant Cover Not A Member Need Assistance? Even if your not a member we can help you with roadside assistance right now call 1800 767 766 no need to worry we are here to help with instant cover we are only a phone call away and you wont be stranded on the side of the road.

Roadside Assist Plans

1 Year Standard Assist $49.00 rrp (Popular-City Riders)

1 Year Premium Weekend Rider Roadside Assist $79.95 rrp (Great Value)

1 Year Premium Roadside Assist $149.00 rrp (Popular)

2 Year Premium Roadside Assist $249.00 rrp (Great Value)

Current Promotions: Did you know that once you have taken advantage of any of the promotion’s listed you also automatically lock in your future discounts in for as long as you remain a member, you can even add extra motorcycles to your account at any given time and using the promotion code.

1 Year Standard Roadside Assist Now Only $39.00 – Use Promotion Code: StdAssist1Y39 – Savings Year After Year

1 Year Premium Roadside Assist Weekend Rider Now Only $65.00 – Use Promotion Code: WeekendRiderAssist1Y65

Essentials Riders 25+ Years Of Age Your Reward By Popular Demand

1 Year Premium Roadside Assist Now $85.00 – Use Promotion Code: YourReward25sEssentials1 – Savings Year After Year

2 Year Premium Roadside Assist $170.00 – Use Promotion Code: YourReward25sEssentials2 – Savings Year After Year

Essentials Riders 50+Your Reward

1 Year Premium Roadside Assist 50% Off 50+Essentials Price $74.50 (Popular) Use Promotion Code: YourReward50sEssentials1

2 Year Premium Roadside Assist 50% Off 50+Essentials Price $124.50 (Popular) Use Promotion Code: YourReward50sEssentials2

Conditions Apply: You must be fifty years of age and over see 50+Essentials click Premium Assist for more information.

Ulysses Club Members: Official Ulysses Club Members from 40+ years of age are eligible to receive a 50% discount on our premium 1 or 2 years roadside assistance year after year, contact your local branch or visit the National Ulysses website www.ulysses.org.au and ask about the Ulysses roadside assist promotion code for members, we have partnered with the National Ulysses Committee to support all Ulysses Club Branch Members Nationally including Tasmania.

Premium & Weekend Rider Assist

  • Australia Wide including Tasmania
  • Accident Assistance & Recovery Assist 24/7 365 Days
  • Ambulance Member Benefit Assistance
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance 24/7 365 Days
  • Flat Batteries Jump Starts
  • Flat Batteries Replacement Service
  • Flat Tyre Transported To The Nearest Repairer
  • Includes Out Of Fuel Emergency
  • Includes Motorcycle Trailer
  • Member Benefit Personal Illness
  • Member Benefit Personal Injuries
  • Member Benefit Car Hire
  • Member Taxi Fare
  • Motorcycle Transportation Available
  • No Excess kms Charge
  • Member Breakdown Accommodation
  • Unlimited Callouts Australia Wide
  • Unlimited Towing To The Nearest Repairer
  • Unlimited Breakdowns To Nearest Repairer
  • Unlimited kms To The Nearest Repairer

Motorcycle: Social Riders Groups, Club Groups Discounts Are Available Send Through Your Inquire Today.

Have total peace of mind under these trying times we are the only roadside assist company in Australia covering our members for personal illness including COVID-19 (coronavirus)

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