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Australia Wide 24/7 365 Days 

Motorcycle Premium Roadside Assist

Chose a 1 year or 2 years motorcycle roadside assist cover. 

We will provide the member with emergency roadside assistance Australia Wide including Tasmania the membership will apply to the motorcycle. Membership may be registered under the name of an individual, company or an organisation, membership will be active in 48hrs. Do you own more than one motorcycle? once you have set up your account you can add and pay for extras on the same account at anytime.

Roadside Assist Cover: Sports bikes, Electric Motorcycles & Scooters, Super sport, Touring, Cruisers, Café Racer, Scooters, Sidecars, Can-Am, Trikes, Vintage Motorcycles, Motorcycles with Sidecars, Club Registration.

Essentials Riders 50+Promotion Your Reward, is only available with the premium 1 and 2 year policy’s.

Are you over fifty? Get rewarded with the 50+ Essentials use promotion codes listed to receive an amazing discount and only pay $74.50 for a 1 year and $124.50 for a 2 year policy year after year for your total peace of mind, this amazing offer is based on honesty for the over 50+ member riders, our roadside assist service teams around Australia will only ask to sight your riders licence as proof of age making sure your 50+, remember you must be over 50 years of age to take advantage of this great offer that’s 50% off a 1 and 2 year policy. Any member who attempts to receive this service by deception will be charged for the cost of service and may result in cancelling your policy.

Using The Promotion Code: Enter the code you wish to use durning your membership process into the promotion box then validate the promotion code using the validate button. Once you have set up your account with your first motorcycle you can add and pay for extra motorcycles on the same account at anytime using the 50+Essentials promotion code each time.

Riders 50+ Years Of Age Your Reward Essentials 50% Discount.

1 Year Premium Roadside Assist $74.50 That’s 50% Off Use Promo Code: YourReward50sEssentials1 Savings Year After Year

2 Years Premium Roadside Assist $124.50 that’s 50% Off Use Promo Code: YourReward50sEssentials2 Savings Year After Year

Thing you should know about making changes to your personal account and policy.

Making Changes To Your Policy: If you simply want changes to your existing policy e.g. motorcycle details, open a support ticket via your account and send us the new motorcycle information e.g. make, model, year, vin number, registration number and this will be updated within 24hrs with the new information supplied by you, this helps us verify you are the holder of the account and for security reasons, or call for assistance 1800 767 766.

Member Login/Account Information Changes: You can login to your account via the website and entre your user name and password and update your personal or company information only, e.g. address, telephone number, email address.

Membership Renewal: As a member you are able to renew your policy via your personal account (invoices) to renew, email reminders are also generated to remind you your policy is due to expire soon.

Roadside Assist Contact Information: Once becoming a member we suggest you make sure you enter the roadside assistance number into your mobile phone 1800 767 766 for safe keeping, we don’t send out member cards due to members having access to their own active roadside assist accounts.

Adding Motorcycles to your Account: This is done from the main page of the website Join/Add To Your Account tab and follow the prompts its that easy.

Premium Assist Cover $149.00/yr Or Chose 2 Years For $249.00

  • Australia Wide including Tasmania
  • Accident Assistance & Recovery 24/7 365 Days
  • Ambulance Member Benefit Assistance
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance 24/7 365 Days
  • Flat Batteries Jump Starts
  • Flat Batteries Replacement Service
  • Flat Tyre Transported To The Nearest Repairer
  • Includes Out Of Fuel Emergency
  • Includes Motorcycle Trailer
  • Member Benefit Personal Illness
  • Member Benefit Personal Injuries
  • Member Benefit Car Hire
  • Member Taxi Fare
  • Motorcycle Transportation Available
  • No Excess kms Charge
  • Member Breakdown Accommodation
  • Unlimited Callouts Australia Wide
  • Unlimited Towing To The Nearest Repairer
  • Unlimited Breakdowns To Nearest Repairer
  • Unlimited kms To The Nearest Repairer

Electric Motorcycle & Scooters Terms of Service.

(A). Electric Motorcycles and Scooter must be of road worthy condition with no defect and must be registered according to its state of registration by its owner. If the electric motorcycle or scooter has not been charged correctly and you require assistance to transport your motorcycle or scooter home or to a licensed mechanical workshop to charge the battery system this we be at the member’s expense and payable on request.

(B) Electric motorcycle and scooter cover includes, indicators, drive belts, electrical issues, electric motor, flat tyres, electrical system has failed and any mechanical issue including wheel bearings, this also includes other related premium assist member services.

(C) If your electric motorcycle or scooter requires a tow, we can assist you in the transportation and storage of any additional items other than your electric motorcycle or scooter. Should specialised towing equipment be required this service will be at the members expense payable upon request.

Member Terms Of Service.

0.1. Motorcycles must be of road worthy condition with no defect and must be registered according to its state of registration by its owner.

0.2. Members responsibility is to pay any excessive cost over and above the normal cost of any specific service carried out, theses terms also apply to any member that request a specific contractor to carry out work on their behalf.

0.3. If a member requests a specific repairer further away than the closest repairer where the breakdown has been reported the member is to pay any excessive cost over and above the normal cost of the tow to the nearest repairer.

0.4. Remote Location Including national parks state conservation areas and nature reserves are deemed as remote or your breakdown location is within the boundaries, or a road not trafficable by a 2-wheel drive roadside assistance vehicle or the breakdown location is deemed as being remote no roadside assist will be rendered, if you require assistance this will be at the members expense and payable on request of service. (If we are unable to assist refer to clause 0.8)

0.5. Roadside assistance is only available on any sealed or designated road that the service provider deems to be safe. Roadside assistance is only provided where the weight is less than 3.5 tones gross and the length of the vehicle is less than 5.5 meters.(Applies To Vehicles Only)

0.6. When requesting roadside assistance, you must provide the correct motorcycle details and the exact location of the motorcycle. All services will be at your expense if we are not able to confirm membership or locate your motorcycle based on the information you have provided.

0.7. If your motorcycle requires a tow, we can assist you in the transportation and storage of any additional items other than your motorcycle (e.g. Motorcycle-trailer). Should specialised towing equipment or personnel be required this service will be at the members expense payable upon request.

0.8. There may be instances where our service provider is not able and we are not able to assist you, in such cases Recover My Ride will refund your membership fee.

0.9. Member services and benefits will become affective within 48hrs after the receipt of payment, membership must be paid for and current to obtain any service or benefits.

10. Services will not be provided to a member who in our view is abusive, threatening or violent to any of our staff members or our contractor, or who attempts to receive service by deception, should a member behave in this way we may after full investigation; (a) Suspend or cancel services to the member;(b) Impose service fees for further service request; (c) Void the membership.

11. Roadside Assistance is provided in the event of an unexpected mechanical breakdown. It does not cover motorcycles maintenance or permanent repairs. Temporary repairs may be at the request of the member to mobilise the motorcycle (where Able). However, regular maintenance or mechanical repairs, major or otherwise, is the members responsibility and will be at the members expense.

12. This is an emergency roadside service only, therefore roadside assistance services and or towing benefits do not apply for:

a) a motorcycle we deem to be un-roadworthy, or that is unregistered;
b) a motorcycle at a motor repairer
c) a motorcycle that is partly or fully dismantled or on which repairs have been attempted by anyone (including a license motor mechanic) or has pre-existing failure or breakdown;
d) a motorcycle where the tow has not been arranged by us;
e) a motorcycle that has been involved in or suffered damage as a consequence of an accident, flood, theft, fire or malicious damage.
f) a motorcycle which has been modified in ways that in our view increase the possibility of it sustaining damage during towing, or in ways that make damage- free towing difficult, unless such modifications are removed prior to towing. This includes modified or factory released accessories;
g) a motorcycle which has been driven or transported to any licensed motor repairer;
h) any parts, labour or other cost related with the repair of the motorcycle;
I) any financial loss or liability, however sustained, occurring from or in any way connected with a breakdown or accident;
j) any freight cost;
k) transportation of a damage motorcycle;
l) any cost related to making arrangement for pets and animals;
m) motorcycle driven against our instruction or the instruction of a licensed motor repairer;
n) a motorcycle that has been transported to a holding or shipment facility;
o)motorcycle that has been used in a motorcycle race track event;

13. If am member has received and continues to request roadside assistance or towing for the motorcycle repeatedly on an unjust and excessive number of instances in a year, we may refuse to provide further roadside assistance or towing and will then offer alternative service at the members expense payable upon request of service.

14. We do not cover breakdowns caused by conditions that existed prior to the commencement of membership. Any failure that occurred prior to the commencement of your membership will be at the members expense and payable at the time the service is provided.

15. We will attempt to transport all passengers with the motorcycle, provided that each person can be legally transported in the tow truck. In the event that we are unable to transport all passengers we will assist in organising alternative transport, such as a taxi at the members expense.

16. Once a callout has been provided for a breakdown, any subsequent callouts arising from the same breakdown will be provided at the member’s expense payable at the time of the callout. This includes towing for a motorcycle that has been towed after hours to the member’s home, a holding yard or place of safety and subsequently requires further towing for the same breakdown, limited to one callout per breakdown.

17. We will not authorise or pay for any service performed or carried out prior to the commencement date of the membership.

18. Adventure Riders: Conditions apply see remote (Definition 0.4 and clause 0.8)

19. Flat Battery jump started or battery replaced, cost of replacing battery will be at member’s expense, when requesting a jump start or battery replacement, in some cases please make sure you able to remove your motorcycle panels or seat to make the battery accessible when possible for our roadside team as we don’t want to be held responsible for scratching or marking your motorcycle panels, if the battery is not accessible we are able tow it to a repairer or help remove the panels or seat.

20. Ambulance Assistance member benefit: In the event of an accident where the registered motorcycle is involved and the rider and its pillion passenger require the services of an ambulance as a result of that accident Recover My Ride will assist with the ambulance costs and is limited to $350.00 for reimbursement you must submit the accident report together with a copy of the ambulance invoice to claim the member benefit assistance, applies only to the registered owner of the motorcycle.

21. Member Benefit Personal Illness – If rider is unable to ride home due to personal illness. we will organise to transport your motorcycle home for you no matter where you are, you will require a doctor’s certificate outlining your condition this should be submitted as soon as possible to organise your motorcycle transportation home. In the event the rider pays we will reimburse the cost within 14 days, the member or family relative has 7 days to submit necessary paperwork (Doctors Certificate) or they will be billed for the outstanding cost of recovery. Depending on the members circumstances the recovery will or not proceed until you have submitted the doctor’s medical certificate, please call us to discuss the situation as we are flexible under these trying times and will offer assistance for all our members. Note: Recover My Ride does not cover pre-existing Illness or medical conditions. Applies only to the registered owner of the motorcycle.

COVID-19 – (coronavirus) You have total peace of mind under these trying times we are the only roadside assist company in Australia covering all our members for personal illness including COVID-19 (coronavirus)

22. Member Benefit Personal injuries suffered while riding. We will organise the transport of your motorcycle and transport it to the closest repairer or if you’re unable to ride home due to your injuries we will organise to transport your motorcycle home. You will require a doctor’s certificate outlining your condition this should be submitted as soon as possible to organise your motorcycle transportation home. In the event the rider pays we will reimburse the cost within 14 days. The member rider has 7 days to submit doctors’ certificate or they will be billed for the outstanding cost of recovery. The recovery will not proceed until you have submitted the doctor’s medical certificate. Note: Recover My Ride does not cover pre-existing Injuries or accident related injuries, accident related injuries are covered under your comprehensive insurance policy or CTP green slip. Applies only to the registered owner of the motorcycle.

23. Member Breakdown Accommodation: 3 night’s @ $100.00 per night room rate only. Member benefit assistance limit is $300.00 for breakdowns that are more than 100km’s from their registered residence. In the event the Member pays we will assist with the reimbursement of emergency accommodation costs – room rate only. (This does not include pre-booked accommodation). For reimbursement you must submit a copy of the following, 1. motel invoice & 2. Repairer’s invoice, this applies only to the registered owner of the motorcycle.

24. Member Breakdown Car Hire Benefit Assistance: $100 per day for 3 days for breakdowns more than 100km’s from home. This is applicable for mechanical breakdowns that render your motorcycle un-roadworthy for more than 48 hours (excludes workshop and supplier’s delays). 3 days car hire assistance is limited to $300.00 & applies only to the registered owner. In the event the member pays we will assist you with the reimbursement of the car hire costs up to $100.00 per day. For reimbursement of your car hire you must submit a copy of the repairer’s invoice along with the car hire invoice. (fuel and cost of insurance not claimable).

25. Member Taxi Fare Benefit : We will cover the cost of a taxi fare up to fifty dollars ($50.00) if we are unable to transport the rider in one of our service vehicles, for reimbursement cost of taxi fare you must submit a copy of the payment.

26. Member Emergency Out of Fuel Only: Assistance our roadside assistance team can carry between 5 to 10 litres or 50 km worth of emergency fuel (unleaded petrol only) we will deliver sufficient fuel to enable the motorcycle to travel up to 50kms or to the nearest service station, limited to one free out of fuel Per year, applies only to the registered owner of the motorcycle.

27. Incorrect Fuel: Roadside assistance is not covered if a member has entered the incorrect fuel into the motorcycle, towing arrangements and responsibility will be at the members expense and payable at the time of assistance.

28. Recover My Ride reserves the right to change pricing and policy amendments, terms & conditions without prior notice and are current and affective as of 20/05/20. All Membership Fees paid to Recover My Ride including membership fees, administration fees, service fees are non-refundable, and membership is not transferable to another person.

29. When becoming a Recover My Ride Member, you agree to accept all terms and conditions in relation to this roadside assistance agreement.

30. Member Claims Assistance with car hire, accommodation, ambulance, taxi call 1800 767 766

31. Motorcycle and Scooters Unacceptable Risk Roadside Assist Not Available For The Following Makes And Models.

(A) Alfer, Arqin, ATK, AJP Motorcycles, Beta, Braap, Gas Gas Enduro & Motorcross, Fin Scooters, (Hunter Spyder All Models), KTM Enduro & Motorcross, Milano, Husqvarna Enduro & Motocross, Grand Milano, Ikonik Scooters, Mcskuta, Motobella, Muz, MZ, Nippi, Polaris farm Bikes and 4x4s, Razor by E-Ton, Sachs, Scorpa, SCP, Secma, Shelung, Sherco, SYM Scooters, Skyteam Ace, Sol Invictus All models, TGB, Thumpstar, TM, Vertemati, Torino Scooters Cruisers & Cafe Racer, VOR, Zongshen, Zoot, CF Moto, CCM, Coyote (Yianshi), Daelim, Derbi, Eagle Wing, EVT, HM, Hunwick Harrop, Hyosung, Italjet, Jawa, Jianshe, Jiajue, Kazuma, Laverda, LEM Motor, Loncin, Longjia, Malaguti, Pagsta, QJ Flash Scooters, or any motorcycle or scooter manufactured in China under a Chinese brand.

(B) Excludes motorcycles used for and not imported by the manufacturer and or Australian distributor.c) Or extreme modifications from manufacturer’s original specifications.d) Or having been used or tested in preparation for or participation in any form of motor sport.e) Or provide roadside assist for registered or unregistered enduro motorcycles all makes and models.f) Or two stroke or 4 stroke motorcycle engines road and off road that are agricultural ATV’s, trial, motocross or competition motorcycles.

31. Roadside Terms and Conditions and limits apply to the services read the terms and conditions at deciding whether Recover My Ride roadside assistance is right for you.

Motorcycle/Scooter Transportation: Need you motorcycle transported to the repairers or to another location? we can manage and facilitate the logistics for individuals or company’s includes feet and manufactures, this service is supported by our national service teams around Australia, and you don’t need to be a member you can book ahead to suit your requirement’s, this service is payable upon request.

Motorcycle/Scooter Accidents & Recovery Assist 24/7 365 Days: Have total peace of mind knowing we can assist you in organising accident related recovery, this will be at the members or customers expense and payable upon request of service, this fee can be claimed against your comprehensive insurance policy. Charges for towing, recovery and storage of motorcycles are set with the Department of Fair Trading, and pricing is in accordance to each states legislation across Australia.

Australian 24/7 Roadside Services Pty Ltd Trading as Recover My Ride. P.O Box 4188 Towradgi NSW 2518 ABN: 56 146 842 999