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Recover My Ride Roadside Assistance
Roadside Assistance Call: 1800-767-766

Motorcycle Scooters, Vehicles and SUVs.

Premium National Roadside Assistance-

Important Note: Vehicles not covered in Tasmania.

Membership Covers: Motorcycles, Vehicles, SUVs, Side Cars, Can Am, Trikes
Membership activation will take 48hrs from the date you signed as a member. Motorcycles, Vehicles SUVs, must be of road worthy condition with no defect and must be registered according to its state of registration by its owner NSW/QLD/VIC/SA/NT/WA /TAS. Any riders or driver’s taking out a roadside assistance policy must be licenced according to your state of licence issue. Any motorcycle vehicle with expired registration in its state of registration needing assistance will not be covered under our policy.

Note: Motorcycles needing roadside assistance in Tasmania our team in Tasmania will attend to your callout and take your motorcycle to a franchised motorcycle repairer dealer.

Important Note: Motorcycle (Tasmania) if roadside assistance is required your Motorcycle will be transported to the closest repairer.

Important Note: Tasmania RMR does not have roadside assistance coverage in Tasmania for The Following (Vehicles & SUVs).

Note 0.0. Remote Definition: Motorcycle, 4×4 Vehicle SUVs is located in a remote location this is deemed as being a road not trafficable by a 2-wheel drive roadside assistance vehicle.

Member Information: Members can update their personal information change of address, motorcycle, vehicle, information via the website with your login and password.

1.1. No Joining Fee Motorcycles, Vehicles, – One off annual membership fee with the options of 2 years or 3 years roadside assistance coverage for peace of mind.

1.2. Unlimited Callouts Motorcycles, Vehicles – Australia Wide.

1.3. Unlimited Breakdowns – Bike, Vehicle – transported to closest local repairer.

1.4. Loss of licence Important– Bike, Vehicle – Transported to your home.

Note: RMR encourages safe riding and driving and we are not responsible or liable for any of our member’s actions.  The rider or driver must submit applicable fine related to the loss of licence failure to forward a copy of the fine and licence details will result in the rider or driver being liable for the cost of the recovery. In the event the member rider or driver pays we will assist with and reimburse the cost within 14 days.  From the time of loss of licence the member rider or driver has 14 Days to submit paperwork or they will be billed for the outstanding cost of recovery.

1.5. Flat batteries – Motorcycle and Vehicles transported to closest local repairer or a jump started from our recovery team or batteries replaced by our recovery team, cost of replacing battery will be at member’s expense.

1.6. Unlimited Flat Tyres Motorcycles, Vehicles, – Transported to closest local repairer or our roadside assistance team will change your flat tyre with your spare tyre.

1.7. Unlimited Towing Motorcycles, Vehicles – To closest Local repairer.

1.8. Unlimited kilometres Motorcycles, Vehicles, – To closest local repairer, no matter where you are, (Excludes Remote Areas See Definition 0.0)

1.9. Adventure riders: Conditions of a rider needing assistance, you must make sure your bike is in a serviceable area, our recovery team cannot pick your bike up if you’re in the bush or dirt track away from a main road, if a problem happens to arise you must have your bike taken to a main road for our roadside assistance team to recover your bike, motorcycles must be in a serviceable area for our recovery team to assist. Please Note Adventure Riders & Drivers: We do not cover roadside assistance in remote areas where our roadside assistance team have no access to your location. (See Definition Above 0.0)

1.10. Member Benefit Personal Illness – A rider or driver unable to ride or drive home due to personal illness.  RMR will organise to transport your motorcycle or vehicle home for you no matter where you are.  You will require a doctor’s certificate outlining your condition this should be submitted as soon as possible to organise your motorcycle or vehicle’s transportation home. In the event the rider or driver pays we will reimburse the cost within 14 days, the member rider or driver has 14 days to submit necessary paperwork (Doctors Certificate) or they will be billed for the outstanding cost of recovery.

1.11. Member Benefit Personal injuries: Personal injuries suffered while riding or driving.  RMR will organise the transport of your motorcycle or vehicle and transport it to the closest repairer or if you’re unable to ride or drive home due to your injuries we will organise to transport your motorcycle or vehicle home. You will require a doctor’s certificate outlining your condition this should be submitted as soon as possible to organise your motorcycle or vehicle transportation home.  In the event the rider or driver pays we will reimburse the cost within 14 days.  The member rider or driver has 14 days to submit doctors certificate or they will be billed for the outstanding cost of recovery. Special Note: Recover My Ride Does Not Cover Pre-Existing Injuries While Riding or Driving.

1.12. Ambulance Member Benefit Assistance Limit $400.  In the event of an accident where the registered motorcycle or vehicle is involved and the rider or driver and its pillion passenger/s requires the services of an ambulance as a result of that accident RMR will assist with the ambulance costs limit ($400.00).  For reimbursement you must submit the accident report together with a copy of the ambulance invoice to claim the member benefit assistance.

1.13. Member Benefit Accident Accommodation: 3 x night’s member benefit assistance limit ($270.00) for breakdowns that are more than 100km’s from home.  If you should require accommodation in the event of an accident where the registered motorcycle or vehicle is involved and the repairs being carried out on the motorcycle or vehicle are at a distance of more than 100 kilometres from your registered residence. In the event the member pays we will assist with the reimbursement of emergency accommodation costs up to $90.00 per night for up to 3 nights only (room rate only $270.00). This does not include pre-booked accommodation.  For reimbursement of accident accommodation you must submit a copy of the accident report, motel invoice and motorcycle or vehicle repair invoice. Accident accommodation only applies to riders with the following insurance policies, third party, fire & theft insurance and riders with no insurance cover, motorcycles with full comprehensive insurance have accident accommodation included in their insurance policy.

1.14. Breakdown Member Benefit Accommodation: 3 x Nights Member benefit assistance limit ($270.00) for member breakdowns that are more than 100klms from home.  If you should require accommodation in the event of a breakdown where the registered motorcycle or vehicle is involved and the repairs being carried out on the motorcycle or vehicle are at a distance of more than 100 kilometres from your registered residence, we will assist with the reimbursement of emergency accommodation costs up to $90.00 per night for up to 3 nights (room rate only). This does not include pre-booked accommodation.  In the event the member pays we will assist with the reimbursement of breakdown accommodation you must submit a copy of the motel invoice and motorcycle or vehicle repair invoice.

1.15. Breakdown Car Hire Member Benefit Assistance $270.00.

Member breakdowns more than 100klm’s from home of a mechanical breakdown that renders your motorcycle or vehicle un-roadworthy for more than 48 hours (Excludes workshop and supplier’s delays).  In the event the member pays we will assist you with the reimbursement of the car hire costs up to $90.00 per day for 3 days’ value ($270.00).  For reimbursement of your hire car you must submit a copy of the car hire invoice (fuel & insurance costs not claimable) and a copy of the motorcycle or vehicle repair invoice for reimbursement is required.

1.16. Vehicle Lockout /Key Retrievals: Our service people will carry out Lockouts/Key retrievals and in most cases we will be able to gain entry.  However if locksmith services are required this additional service will be at member’s expense. Lockout. We will attempt to open a vehicle when the keys have been locked in the vehicle. In the event that we cannot open the vehicle we will arrange for a locksmith to attend. The member will be responsible for any costs over $70.00 INC GST payable at the time of service.

1.17. Out of Fuel? – Motorcycle/Vehicle: Member Benefit Assistance forgot to stop in at that last service station? Our roadside assistance team can carry up to 10L or 100km worth of emergency fuel (unleaded petrol only) emergency fuel we will deliver sufficient fuel to enable the motorcycle or vehicle to travel up to 100km or to the nearest service station. (Limited to One Free ‘Out of fuel’ Call Out Per Year).

1.18. Becoming A Member: You will receive your membership card in approximately 10 working days.

1.19. Member Claims Assistance: Call our office on 02-4922-0270

1.20. Privacy Act 1988 Recover My Ride shares your concern over privacy, all membership personal information you have provide will not be disclosed to other parties outside the Recover My Ride Group and its partners. Your information you provide us for the application for cover and where cover is issued to manage and administer your and our rights under our policy for the settlements of claims. To do this we may have to provide this information to third parties as an example insurers loss adjusters, reinsurers, external claims, investigators, and or other third parties as required by law. Where you may have to provide us with information about another person you must have their consent to do this, and provide the information on their behalf

1.21. Recover My Ride: Is designed to give you peace of mind, if you break down and need assistance Recover My Ride has a commitment to quickly get you back on the road help is only a phone call way by calling the call centre on 1800-767-766

1.22. Recover My Ride Recover My Ride reserves the right as outlined in terms and conditions to change pricing and is subject to change without notice and are current as of 23/10/2016.

1.23. Note Membership Fee non-refundable. All membership fees paid to Recover My Ride roadside assistance including administration fees, service fees are non-refundable.

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